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Strong brands understand the value of great design. We aim to be your partner that takes the time to understand your business needs, pain points, and works with you to create custom solutions. If you're looking for a quick-n-dirty shop to hammer out a trifold brochure by end-of-day, we are definitely not your studio.


+   Why Foley?


Because our work is custom to your unique goals and needs, we consider many factors when evaluating cost. Business size, industry, deliverables and timeline are all taken into account. Would we charge a local sandwich shop the same as a national chain? No. So while we can’t list specific costs here, shoot us a quick email or phone call, and we can give a range to help you budget accordingly.


+   How much do you charge?


Creating thoughtful work takes time. While no project is the same, we average a 4-6 week turnaround for most projects. For example, a full rebrand is expectedly going to take much longer than just a logo. Please note, being a small shop, we do book up quickly.


+   How long does a project take?


+   How many changes can I make?


Because each project is tailored to your unique needs, and every project will require different levels of refinement, it's hard to list a concrete answer. On average however, most projects are completed in 2-3 rounds of formal revisions.


+   What is your process?


Designing for your brand shouldn’t be shooting in the dark and hoping for good results. It should be purposeful and calculated. So before jumping in, we sit down with you and dig into what your needs truly are. After identifing your goals and aspirations, we then can hit the ground running.


+   Can you create our website?


Smaller digital projects such as social media graphics or ads fit perfectly within our capabilities. Unfortunately though, due to the large amount of time required, we are unable to take on full website projects. If a new website is part of your specific needs, we can definitely help connect you with experts that can work alongside Foley to deliver a seamless end result.

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